My Veins are Asphalt

P: Come in. How are you feeling today?

C: A bit worse than from my last visit. I’m not sleeping at all at night anymore and my nerves felt fried the other day.

P: That’s not good. Is there anything else?

C: No, nothing I can think of.

P: Step on the scale, please… Okay, you’re a bit overweight for someone your age, but you are showing healthy growth. You’ve also gotten a bit taller, which will even things out a bit. Deep breath now… and again… Now cough for me. How did that feel for you?

C: Not so great. I think I’ve been having trouble breathing too.

P: You’ve been staying away from smoking?

C: Yes.

P: How about cars?

C: Uh, not so much.

P: Well, I suppose that can’t be helped.

C: You said on the phone that my test results came back?

P: Yes. For your symptoms, loss of touch, dizzyness, trouble breathing-

C: Fatigue, lack of energy.

P: Right. You’ve also mentioned feeling aches and pains all around. However, the tests I sent for show returned negative, and you are otherwise healthy.

C: So, there’s nothing wrong with me?

P: According to the tests we’ve done so far, no.

C: Then why am I having these problems?

P: I’m not an expert on either of these subjects, but either your symptoms are psychosomatic, which means you are under mental stress and thus these symptoms are manifesting as a result, or you could have an autoimmune disorder.

C: What?

P: The people that live within you are spending resources on attacking each other instead of working together. So your infrastructure is falling apart. Diseases are having an easier time settling in and spreading. Eventually, if unchecked, your power will go out and no one will be around to turn it back on.

C: Oh. What are my options?

P: I’m unsure. I have never worked a case like this. I don’t want to treat the symptoms and not the disease. I’ll try and find a specialist to send you to.

C: Is there anything I can do?

P: I don’t know. You could hope for the problems to resolve themselves, but I understand if you don’t want to wait. You’re only three hundred years old, and you still have time left. You could reach out to friends and family and request help.

C: Okay, I will.

P: In the meantime, keep an eye on your symptoms. If anything happens that should worry you, like a complete blackout or water problems, or if something collapses, call me immediately.



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