Character Profile: Flora Macedo

Flora has kept intelligent care of her appearance. She wears her auburn hair in a loose bun. Her makeup is minimal, with most of the effort spent on shaping her eyes. Her nose is small and rounded, her ears neatly pierced with two pearl earrings. Her clothes are conservative in both color and texture, and are void of any wrinkles or ill-fittings. Her purse, however, is incredibly large and bulky, yet she manages it easily underneath one arm.

Flora has a very confident step to her. She holds her head high and leads with her chest when she walks. Her posture is immaculate. She keeps her purse tucked neatly under her arm as she walks, preventing it from swinging side to side. If a narrow space were to appear in front of her, Flora’s brisk pace would hardly be slowed.

Flora learned early on that being a woman in the world isn’t a blessing. Lecherous men and catty experiences with other women have caused her to diminish her external energy. Instead of defiantly tackling the world, she has resigned herself to flow around it, taking care to avoid obstacles rather than face them directly. One would have to aggressively disrupt Flora’s routine to surprise her, and if successful, it would take a while for her to recover.

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